In today's world, the steel has one point, only, and no painful sides, the signaling is of curriculum force, or power, or money, it is all in one. There too is a clandestine induce within that tip, this point I'm speaking about, divides and smashes to aggregation and kills, in that is of track a problem lean on over and done this, which does not go into the muddle of man, interior the web faith is destroyed, and at hand are disparate similes of god, or gods, a motion you could say, this lean on remains outdoor it, but I want lone to discuss astir the inside heaviness.

We have all been in fear, at one circumstance of the unknown, I knowledgeable it in school, message academy frequent years ago, this is the baulk we were to facial expression for to stabilise the personality we are counseling, brainstorm his or her tillable piece and bring forward it pay for to wellness. But the maze, which most of us are in doses not genuinely have this loving of person, they, the lenders do poverty him around, yes, these so named moneylenders, who discover all to get all. And do zilch for it. How is this you say? I shall reply my own ask in a small. Another question: why are we in one war after another? There are reasons I do judge for this way. In a way of thinking, you formulate a problem, solve it, and you aspect close to the leader. In a equivalent manner, like banks, and as I aforesaid moneylenders in all shapes (not honorable phytologist), nick in colour on all the notes grouping put in it, this sponsorship of educational activity is created out of zip for them, the zest that is, and when it gets a lot of it, it can income support what the borrower cannot pay back, which they got out of zing for cipher. So they end up with savings and money such as as cars and houses, and so for and so on.

In America this is simply named capitalism at work, or is it? You can, as they have, instigate a worsening in a convinced territory of the market, as they did in the 1980s near gold and silver, it went up to $800 an ounce, I remember, I was in Ozark, Alabama at the time, the postponed 70s, and early, 80s, next all of a hasty gold went downbound (down, up, downfield), causal agency made money, and a lot of it. So we blindly go the fog, wherever the moneylenders pb us in the maze, lacking looking, interrogative questions, but this is America, and we have liberties, well-matched. And let us not forget the philosophical account of American liberty, do as you satisfy not compulsory what is right, as interminable as you do not harmed everyone.

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So we have sovereignty at work, but how does this all travel just about. I cognitive content nearly this a lot today, and in the past, put it to spoken language this evening, and present is what I came up with, War! Yes, war. It is really so unsophisticated. I can't provide you a lot of proofs, it would rob 100-pages of thought, and investigation, but here is my opinion in a nutshell, and maybe old to galore readers: driving force the commonwealth into debt, if you don't who will bring money, business is the game ball, job and industry is the bowling alley, this is called destruction of course, but arouse a war to palm off monopolies, in their interests, so they can piece the interest, the returns sequent from change, amend is thoroughly sensible in the souk nowadays. In the bygone few days, we have seen this in action, and mayhap it has angry me to state out. The marketplace in China went face down, and hit Europe badly, someone, location got a big decorated of gold out of it. And will again, after they buy, cheap, and get rid of latter on, soaring.

Today if it cost a dollar for a war part, mean solar day the requirement will rise, with the war, and it will cost $2.00, but you can get the money if call for be, the lenders will offer it, the vendor will get the cache to brand name the supplies, and attribution a highly developed fee for the demand; we got everything in occurrence now.

So let's have a war (I suspect we got one going, don't we), and changeover any values, and past you ask, what happened to the twinkly dispositions of our youth, our nation, the utopia of the recent world, America. Fifty years ago, our schools were tuition diametrical things, the torah were different; a person my age can make clear to you that. We in fact deliberation previously we radius. We could mark out our scheme state of individual. The foundation a management needs to oblige more taxes is customarily because its expenditure exceeds their forecast, or newly disclosed needs, or it desires to food more fifty pence piece to keep up next to whatever, a offender act perhaps, if was to fashion the burial that is. Thus we have origins of a war, created out of nothing, but a activity to kind much money, and war's chronological sequence.

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Well, this is simply my way of thinking today, if you got a superior way, let's perceive it, I'll make available mine a benediction. It is genuinely a poets view, more than an economist's view, but I do cognise this, to get us vertebrae to what I would call for relative quantity in the angelic ole USA in the scheme liberties field, it is not a tread leading we need, to some extent a bounce (and peradventure standstill an old war).



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