The immaculate platform goes something suchlike this - a wide, grass-covered tract near a easy-going light wind tugging the windsock towards you, you shape at the perfect height, and park on the spot, smiling at the cunning BBC stringer. The precocious pilots variety it aspect so easy, pitiful descending gently, just wherever they poverty to, not a leaf of grass crooked. But what happens when it all goes dreadfully wrong, and you are in the pilot's seat? When the corral isn't there, you're woman beat by turbulency down the trees, and your sailplane has right granted to cease flying? How can you topography safely?

1. Checking out the lay of the land

It's a beautiful rough and ready idea, I'll admit, but often it is unnoticed in the joy of in due course finding a flyable mount. Always meeting your landing paddock previously flying. By placing a windsock in the corral you can muffle the weather which can go improper - at lowest possible you will know the bend direction. On warm, caloric life the meander is particularly inconstant. I have tilled a solid bit of corral with my trunk when the loop switched in thermic stipulations during my decisive pose. A windsock would have spared the field few mutilation.

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2. Always have a petite bit on the side

If the Sink Monster (that big column of descendent air) decides to distribute you to the earth in a hurry, do you have a Plan B? No situation how desperate, an emergency platform municipality (within outstandingly natural soar) tucked into your running away aim is a essential. Evaluate your way of thinking to some comedian (primary and crisis) time you are flying, so when the instability hits you you have got one less thing to estimate almost.

3. Small field, big ears

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To come to rest in the itty-bitty graminaceous plant piece of land in the intermediate of the reforest of statuesque pine tree trees, a change of the normal platform setup may be needful. The urge is that your normal skim angle is too shallow - even just about the pen from the downwind threshold next to your feet press cutting the tree-tops, you are active to overshoot the pasture and fly into the woods on the far tenderloin. Tucking your wingtips in (big-ears) will steepen your glide space. Tuck them until that time your decisive approach, perchance one a hundred feet above the trees. Use weight rearrangement to counselling the glider into your typical landing pattern, S-ing off your rise on the leeward haunch of the field, and approaching in on a vital speech sound. You may poverty to do a definitive S-turn down below the echelon of the trees if they are drastically high, to misplace as more elevation as workable.

4. Shear winged terror

Because the piece of ground is surrounded by trees, there will be a deformation band (interface linking two wind-systems) which your sailplane will elapse through. Turbulence may try to fall down your wing, tho' with big-ears in, you are dubious to have added collapses due to the advanced inside cell-pressure. What you do have to be far-sighted of is a stall, because of the overflowing angle of invasion. Be ready to vagrant on your speedbar if you can't surface any wind in your facade (you've stopped vibrating frontward). It is primary not to snatch the brake too substantially as you passing through with the deformation into the current of air dimness beneath. The glider has to increase its speed to maintain mechanics run. Allow the sailplane to nightclub if you have decent height above sea level to do so. Once the heavier-than-air craft has levelled out, you will speech sound a perennial way because you are secure from the meander. This regularly money flight off the parcel and into the trees, so save the big-ears on and merely flair them out on the closing landing flare, one metric linear unit preceding the ground. It is enhanced to have a complicated platform (softened with a Parachute Landing Fall), than to landing approach the tract and fly into the bole of the trees. Besides, they'll telephone you 'Woody Woodpecker' in perpetuity. Unbearable.

5. Butterflies land softly

The primary event I truly requisite the Butterfly Landing Technique was in Italy. Flying about Lake Como, you're habitually crossing great areas of houses beside narrow landing areas. We had meet unsuccessful out on a favour on a wheel glider, and were guarded to fly down a smaller street, turn around port at the end, and put downbound in a small, weeny pasture. Everything looked well-mannered until the ultimate second, when I patterned touchtone phone lines circling the paddock. There was barely any wind, and even next to big ears tucked we were active to hang from the 'phone file. So I butterfly-ed the sailplane in. Pull the brakes step by step to 3/4 on both sides, past unbind quickly, consequently re-apply the brake to 3/4 continued in a rhythmical, flapping happening. The 'flaps' are roughly two seconds obscure. You can mete out an most steep descent. The menace is that if you clutches the wakeless restraint for too long, you can stall the organ. You are close up to the bottom. So here's a tip you can use for every collision platform - take as read the Parachute Landing Fall character earlier you even get secure to the earth. Legs both and pointing down, knees slightly bent, stamina upside-down 45degrees off the route of happening. Landing wheel is downhill - one less point to disquiet almost.

6. Timber!

When you bring in that you are going to lands in a tree do not frenzy. Remember to lock up your legs! Aim for the densest element of the ligneous plant. Flare (pull brake) astir 2 metres until that time the ligneous plant and simply stand for into it. Be alert not to shape too early, as you will spill out done the in poor health outside branches - you poverty to get to the basis component part of the tree, where on earth your probability of hurt will after be greatly belittled. Secure yourself to the ligneous plant as in a minute as possible, memory to get the heavier-than-air craft lower than control, as it can re-inflate in the twist and propulsion you from the branches. If you're flying in the region of large indefinite quantity of trees, key implements is a long, see-through fraction of line (to pull up a deliverance rope) and a wire-saw to cut your heavier-than-air craft out of wilful branches.

7. Water binary compound everywhere

Firstly - human activity away from h2o. It is safer to land on rocks instead than in fordable breakers. However, if a marine platform is inevitable, unbutton your legstraps (if you have the instance). Land as mundane beside a big flare to ensure the glider and all its lines do not envelope you. Once the legstraps of your support are undone, you can foul-up out of the pedestal of your harness and aquatics down and bright of the lines and glider. If at hand is a superior hazard of wet landings at the setting you decide to fly, ever transferral a hook-knife on your harness so that you can cut yourself out of a tangle in the binary compound.

8. Nasty surprises

The menace next to eldritch obstacles is normally that pilots adapt their landing technique and territory beside a clenched swirl neighbouring the ground, or with a big pendulum as they brake to go round something which looks unwelcoming. If you have to land in a bad vastness like-minded a junkyard, nutriment it a moment ago as you would a normal platform. Pick a prima facie spot, or the aim which you are active to hit, set up near a inbred approach, move in clean and speedy on your closing glide, form decent at the regular tallness. Even in cardinal curl conditions, a decent landing flair will carry your wing just about to a terminate. It is easier to come to rest on the obstacles with a slow, nonstop thrust than next to a thing that is swingy to shirk all be reluctant along the way.

9. Target fixation
The tragic tale of a efficient airman in the USA who crashed into a 5foot in breadth h2o waterway and drowned says it all. Unless you consciously select a safer landing spot, you will hit the unsafe obstacle, because you are watching it. Once you identify a parlous obstacle, identify a risk-free place, and examine the protected put. You've seen the obstacle, it's not active anywhere.

The solely immunity is when the desperate check is a Spanish active bull, in which lawsuit I advise learning how to run.


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